Sublease Agreement

Parties to this Sublease:


The parties agree as follows:

If there are more than one Overtenant or Undertenant, the words "Overtenant" and "Undertenant" used in this Sublease includes them.

Information from Overlease:

Date of OverLease:

Overlease Term: from:to:

A copy of the OverLease is attached as an important part of the Sublease.


1. Sublease Term

years:months, Beginning:Ending:


2. Premises rented


3. Use of permises

The premises may be used for only.


4. Rent

The yearly rent is $. You, the Undertenant, will pay this yearly rent to the overtenant in twelve equal monthly payments of $. Payments shall be paid in advance on the first day of each month during the Term.


5. Security

The security for the Undertenant's performance is $. Overtenant states that Overtenant has received it. Overtenant shall hold the security in accordance with Paragraph of the OverLease.


6. Agreement to Lease and Pay Renter

Overtenant sublets the premises to you, the Undertenant, for the Term. Overtenant states that it has the authority to do so. You, the Undertenant, agree to pay % the Rent and other charges as required in the Sublease. You, the Undertenant, agree to do everything required of you in the Sublease.


7. Notices

All notices in the Sublease shall be sent by certified "return receipt requested."


8. Subject to

The Sublease is subject to the OverLease. It is also subject to any agreement to which the OverLease is subject. You, the Undertenant, state that you have read and initialed the OverLease and will not violate it in any way.


9. Overtenant's duties

The OverLease describes the Landlord's duties. The overtenant is not obligated to perform the Landlord's duties. If the Landlord fails to perform, you, the Undertenant, must send the Overtenant a notice. Upon receipt of the notice, the Overtenant shall then promptly notify the Landlord and demand that the OverLease agreements be carried out. The Overtenant shall continue the demands until the Landlord performs.


10. Consent

If the Landlord's consent to the Sublease is required, this consent must be received within days from the date of this Sublease. If the Landlord's consent is not received within this time, the Sublease will be void. In such event all parties are automatically released and all payments shall be refunded to you, the Undertenant.


11. Adopting the OverLease and exceptions:

The provisions of the OverLease are part of this Sublease. All the provisions of the OverLease applying to the Overtenant are binding on you, the Under-tenant, except these:

a) These numbered paragraphs of the OverLease shall not apply:

b) These numbered paragraphs of the OverLease are changed as follows:


12. No authority:

You, the Undertenant, have no authority to contact or make any agreement with the Landlord about the premises or the OverLease. You, the Undertenant, may not pay rent or other charges to the Landlord, but only to the Overtenant.


13. Successors

Unless otherwise stated, the Sublease is binding on all parties who lawfully succeed to their rights or take place of the Overtenant or you, the Undertenant. Examples are an assign, heir, or a legal representative such as an executaor of your will or administrator of your estate.


14. Changes

This sublease can be changed only by an agreement in writing signed by the parties to the Sublease.




Guaranty of payment which is part of the sublease


1. Reason for Guaranty:

I know that the Overtenant would not rent the premises to the Undertenant's performance. I have also requested the Overtenant to enter into the Sublease with the Underenant. I have a substantial interest in making sure that the Overtenant rents the premises to the Undertenant.


2. Guaranty:

The following is my Guaranty:

I guaranty the the full performance of the Sublease by the Undertenant. This Guaranty is absolute and without any condition. It includes, but is not limited to, the payment of rent and other money charges.


3. Changes in the Sublease:

In addition, I agree to these other terms:

This Guaranty will not be acted by any changes in the Sublease, whatsoever. This includes, but is not limited to, any extension of time or renewals. The Guaranty will be binding even if I am not a party to these changes.


4. Waiver of notice:

I do not have to be informed about any failure of performance by Undertenant. I waive notice of nonpayment or nonperformance.


5. Performance:

If the Undertenant fails to perform under the Sublease, the Overtenant may require me to perform without demanding that the Undertenant perform.


6. Waiver of jury trial:

I give up my right to trial by jury in any claim related to the Sublease or this Guaranty.


7. Changes:


This Guaranty of payment and performance can be changed only by written agreement signed by all parties to the Sublease and Guaranty.