(the "Board")

The undersigned, in order to induce the Board to act favorably on the application, does hereby affirm and acknowledge as follows:

Unit Owner Acknowledgement

Non-refundable Fees

I have or will submit payment of certain fees in connection with the consideration of the application to the Board of Directors/Managers of (Building), including but not limited to fees for the processing of the application. I acknowledge that there are certain costs incurred in the processing of this application, including the fees described herein, and that the aforementioned fees will not be refunded. I release the Condominium, New Bedford Management Corp. and from the return of any of these fees incurred in processing the application, and agree if I seek recovery of any of these fees, I shall be liable for all costs and expenses incurred by the Condominium or New Bedford Management Corp. or

House Rules

I have been provided with a full and complete copy of the House Rules for (Building) and have read the same. I agree that I will abide by such House Rules as now in affect and as the same may be amended during the period of my ownership of and/or tenancy in the referenced unit.