Condominium Lease Application

Packages are now processed digitally via BoardPackager:


Incomplete packages will not be processed or sent to the Board. The Board and/or management reserve the right to seek additional information and/or documentation at any time during the review process. Please allow for a minimum of twenty seven (27) days for the total review and approval process between both management and the Board.

Document Requirements and Information:

1) Kindly refer to BoardPackager for the list of document requirements.

2) Please insert a letter of explanation in place of any documentation that isnt applicable.

3) If appropriate, be sure to include any additional documentation required for this deal: (LLC/Estate
Docs, Trust Agreement, etc)

Fee Schedule and Information:

1) Move fees/deposits are paid via check, given directly to the closing agent upon submission.

2) Kindly refer to BoardPackager for the name and amounts of all application fees.

3) All fees, deposits, and arrears must be paid in full prior to any move-ins.

Need Assistance?

- For the application procedures: 212-545-6635

- For the BoardPackager platform: 800-690-8299

- All moves must be scheduled through the admin assistant: 212-684-8282


9 East 38th Street, 6th Floor, New York, NY 10016. Tel: 212.684.8282