Applicants' Release


Re: Building Address



The undersigned applicant(s) is (are) submitting an application to purchase/sublease the above referenced apartment.


Applicant has submitted payment for certain fees including but not limited to fees to check applicants credit and to process this application.


Applicant acknowledges that the application to purchase/sublease the apartment may or may not be
approved by the Board of Directors of the Cooperative Corporation owning the building in its
sole discretion and that if the application is not approved, no reason for the disapproval needs to
be given. Whether the application is not approved certain costs and expenses will be incurred and
the fees described above will not be refunded to the applicant(s).


The applicant releases both the cooperative corporation and the managing agent from any liability
for the return of these funds incurred in processing the application, and agrees that in the event
the applicant seeks recovery of such fees, the applicant shall be liable for all costs and expenses
(including attorneys fees) incurred by the cooperative corporation and/or managing agent.


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