The 314 West 100th Street Condominium

314 West 100th Street

New York, NY 10025
This pre-war building features a limestone front, wrought iron front door, elegant lobby with original mosaic floors and marble walls, Juliet balconies, and a newly renovated courtyard. Meticulously restored and converted to a condominium building in 2008, this building has 33 spacious apartments, each with 4 to 7 rooms, hardwood floors, high ceilings and beautifully renovated kitchens and bathrooms. Located on a quiet tree-lined block between Riverside Drive and West End Avenue, the building is close to Riverside Park, Central Park, public transportation, shopping, and restaurants.
314 West 100th St. - Sale
314 West 100th St. - Lease
Building Policies
  • Sales and Leases are subject to the Board's Waiver of Right of First Refusal.
  • Lease Policy:
    • One (1) year lease term.
    • Renewals must be submitted to management two (2) months prior to current lease expiring.
  • Pet Policy:
    • No Pets other than dogs, caged birds, cats and fish (which do not cause a nuisance, health hazard or unsanitary condition) may be kept in a Residential unit without the consent of the Condominium Board.
    • Each Unit Owner who keeps any type of pet in his or her Unit will be required to:
      • (a) indemnify and hold harmless the Condominium, all Unit Owners and the Managing Agent from all claims and expenses resulting from acts of such pet; and
      • (b) abide by any and all Rules and Regulations of the condominium Board adopted with respect thereto.
    • Except as provided above, no bird, reptile or animal shall be permitted, raised, bred, kept or harbored in, on or about the Building unless, in each instance, the same shall have been expressly permitted in writing by the Condominium Board of the Managing Agent. Any such consent, if given, shall be revocable at any time by the Condominium Board or the Managing Agent for that purpose, or in any of the public portions of the Building, unless carried or on a leash. 
    • No pigeons or other birds or animals shall be fed from the window sills, or other public portions of the Building, or on the sidewalk or street adjacent to the Building.
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Offering Plan

Offering Plan thru 12th Amendment.pdf $250.00 01/06/19


10th Amendment.pdf $50.00 01/06/19
11th Amendment.pdf $50.00 01/06/19
12th Amendment.pdf $50.00 01/06/19
1st Amendment.pdf $50.00 01/06/19
2nd Amendment.pdf $50.00 01/06/19
3rd Amendment.pdf $50.00 01/06/19
4th Amendment.pdf $50.00 01/06/19
5th Amendment.pdf $50.00 01/06/19
6th Amendment.pdf $50.00 01/06/19
7th Amendment.pdf $50.00 01/06/19
8th Amendment.pdf $50.00 01/06/19
9th Amendment.pdf $50.00 01/06/19


By Laws - 314 West 100th St. $50.00 01/06/19

Building Financials

2016 Financials - 314 West 100th St. $50.00 01/06/19
2017 Financials - 314 West 100th St. $50.00 01/06/19
2018 Financials - 314 West 100th St. $50.00 07/02/19

Bank Questionnaire

Century Questionnaire FAQs.pdf Free

Applications & Attachments

House Rules - 314 East 100th Street Free

Special Amenities

Laundry Room

Outdoor Spaces

Rooftop Access


Pets OK, Upon Approval
Building Fees

Condo Sale

Payor Building Fees Amount Due Upon
Buyer Consumer Credit Report Fee $100 per person Submission
Buyer Sales Application Processing Fee $500 Submission
Buyer Move-in Deposit $1,000 Closing
Buyer Move-in Fee $250 Closing
Seller Move-out Deposit $1,000 Closing
Seller Move-out Fee $250 Closing

Condo Lease

Payor Building Fees Amount Due Upon
Landlord Move-out Deposit $1,000 Submission
Landlord Move-out Fee $250 Submission
Tenant Consumer Credit Report Fee $100 per person Submission
Tenant Management Administration Fee $250 Submission
Tenant Move-in Deposit $1,000 Submission
Tenant Move-in Fee $250 Submission

BoardPackager Processing

Single Application Initiation Fee

One-time fee paid by the person who begins the application

Payor Fees Amount Due Upon
If Agent or Attorney

If Applicant or Owner

Application Participants Any Free N/A

Application Submission Fee

Payor Amount Due Upon
Applicant $45 Submission

Credit Card Processing Fee

Payor Fees Amount Due Upon
Any Participant Paying Building Fees Credit Card
5% of Total
(excluding Submission
& Initiation Fees)
Property Management
Property managed by:
Century logo pms 01
All building information and documentation provided by property management.
Total Fees: 54
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