246 West End Avenue

New York, NY 10023
246 West End Avenue was built in 1913. The buildings has 102 units and 13 stories.
Sublease - 246 West End Avenue
Sale - 246 West End Avenue
Building Policies
Building facts Architect: J.E.R. Carpenter
Maximum financing of 75%
Property Contacts Halstead h logo halsteadonly 01

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Offering Plan

Amendments_1-25.pdf $200.00 08/03/18
Offering Plan - 246 West End Avenue.pdf $200.00 05/22/18
Offering_Plan_With Amendments-_246_West_End_Avenue.pdf $350.00 08/15/19

Building Financials

2017 Financial Statement - Howard House.pdf $75.00 05/09/18
Financial Statement 2015 - 246 West End Avenue $75.00 05/02/18
Financial Statement 2016 - 246 West End Avenue $75.00 05/02/18

Bank Questionnaire

Halstead - Lender or Bank Questionnaire.pdf $200.00 07/10/18

Generic Building Questionnaire

Halstead - Generic Questionnaire.pdf $75.00 07/10/18


Sublease Application - 246 West End Avenue.pdf Free


Transfer Application - 246 West End Avenue.pdf Free
Building Fees

Co-Op Sale

Payor Building Fees Amount Due Upon
Buyer Application fee $450 Submission
Buyer Credit Report Fee $75 per applicant Submission
Buyer Adjournment fee (if applicable) $250 Closing
Buyer Fee, if title company present at closing $250 Closing
Buyer Holding documents fee (if applicable) $250 Closing
Buyer Move in Deposit (Refundable) $500 Closing
Buyer Move in fee (non-refundable) $250 Closing
Buyer Recognition Agreement Fee $250 Closing
Seller Flip tax 2% of gross sales price Closing
Seller Move Out Deposit (Refundable) $500 Closing
Seller Move out Fee (Non-refundable) $250 Closing
Seller Transfer fee $600 Closing

Co-Op Sublet

Payor Building Fees Amount Due Upon
Shareholder Move out fee $250 Submission
Subtenant Application fee $450 Submission
Subtenant Building application fee $250 Submission
Subtenant Credit Report Fee $75 per applicant Submission
Subtenant Move in fee $250 Submission
Shareholder Move out Deposit $500 Upon Approval
Shareholder Sublet Fee $2.25 per share Upon Approval
Shareholder Sublet renewal fee $450 Upon Approval
Subtenant Move in Deposit $500 Upon Approval

BoardPackager Processing

Single Application Initiation Fee

One-time fee paid by the person who begins the application

Payor Fees Amount Due Upon
If Agent or Attorney

If Applicant or Owner

Application Participants Any Free N/A

Application Submission Fee

Payor Type Amount Due Upon
Applicant Purchase
$45 Submission

Credit Card Processing Fee

Payor Fees Amount Due Upon
Any Participant Paying Building Fees Credit Card
5% of Total
(excluding Submission
& Initiation Fees)
Property Management
Property managed by:
Halstead h logo halsteadonly 01
All building information and documentation provided by property management.
Total Fees: 80
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