229 East 28 St Owners Corp

229 East 28th Street

New York, NY 10016
229 East 28th Street is a co-op located in Kips Bay, Manhattan. The building was built in 1962 and has 82 units and 7 stories.

The super is Walter Lopez, and he may be reached at wlopez@jordancooper.com.

The resident website may be accessed here.

Sublease - 229 East 28th Street
Sale - 229 East 28th Street
Refinance - 229 East 28th Street
Property Contacts Jordancooper 2x

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All Amendments $200.00 10/25/19

Building Financials

2015 Financials $25.00 10/25/19
2016 Financials $25.00 10/25/19
2017 Financials $25.00 10/25/19
2018 Financials $25.00 11/05/19


COI 19/20 Free
EOI 19/20 Free


Refinance Application Free

Building Information

By-Laws $50.00 10/25/19
Fire Safety Guide 2018 Free
House Rules Free
Jordan Cooper Offering Plan Request.pdf $250.00 10/25/19
Questionnaire Request $250.00 10/25/19


Purchase Application Free
Additional Services

BoardPackager Services are administered exclusively by BoardPackager. All services are separate from those provided by Property Management Companies to their clients. All BoardPackager services are provided with full knowledge and cooporation with Property Management, but without Property Management supervision. Any fees associated with services offered are BoardPackager fees.
Hire a Specialist
Any user can engage a BoardPackager Specialist to assist with completion and submission of a Board Packager to a Property Management company.
There is a fee associated with each engagement that is payable to BoardPackager
Building Policies

General Policies

Pets Allowed Pets must not weigh in excess of thirty-five (35) lbs; No pit bulls, Rottweilers, or other aggressive breeds. Pets must be registered with the management company, and have all required immunizations.
Subletting Allowed Please see additional Sublet information below

Financing Policies

Max Financing Allowed as % 80% of purchase price

Additional Building Information


Move-in hours are weekdays only, 9a to 4p, no holidays. All moves require a certificate of insurance.

All deliveries and work being performed in the unit must be accompanied by a certificate of insurance that meets the building's requirements. Additional documentation may be required for work. TaskRabbit, Handy, and similar firms are not permitted to perform work in the building as they are not properly insured.


Must be by appointment only.


Permission to sublet must first be obtained before any application may be submitted. No sublet application will be processed or reviewed until permission to sublet has been obtained from the board.

3 years of continuous and uninterrupted occupancy required before subletting will be permitted.

Monthly sublet fee begins at $175.00 with regular increases after 2 years.


Available via license agreement through the management company. For a half-size bin, the monthly cost is $40.00; for a full-size bin, the monthly cost is $80.00. A deposit is required for the storage key ($50.00).

Special Amenities

Bike Storage
Video Surveillance
Laundry Room
Video Intercom
Basement/Storage Unit on Site


Time Warner

Building Type

Building Fees

Co-Op Sale

Payor Building Fees Amount Due Upon
Buyer Application Processing Fee $500.00 Submission
Buyer Credit Check Fee $100.00 per applicant, occupant, guarantor Submission
Buyer Criminal Check Fee $100.00 per applicant, occupant, guarantor Submission
Buyer Move In Fee $500.00 Upon Approval
Seller Move Out Fee $500.00 Upon Approval
Buyer Closing Fee $750.00 Closing
Buyer Recognition Agreement Fee $250.00 Closing
Seller Flip Tax Consult 5th amendment for fee structure Closing
Seller Stock transfer stamps $0.05 per share Closing

Co-Op Sublet

Payor Building Fees Amount Due Upon
Subtenant Application Processing Fee $500.00 Submission
Subtenant Credit Check Fee $100.00 per applicant, occupant, guarantor Submission
Subtenant Criminal Check Fee $100.00 per applicant, occupant, guarantor Submission
Subtenant Move In/Move Out Fee $1,000.00 Upon Approval


Payor Building Fees Amount Due Upon
Shareholder Application Processing Fee $300.00 Submission
Shareholder Credit Check Fee $20.00 per applicant Submission

Sublet Renewal

Payor Building Fees Amount Due Upon
Shareholder Renewal administrative fee $250.00 Upon Approval

Single Application Initiation Fee

One-time fee paid by the person who begins the application

Payor Fees Amount Due Upon
If Agent or Attorney

If Applicant or Owner

Application Participants Any Free N/A

Digital Submission Fee

Payor Type Amount Due Upon
Applicant Purchase
$45 Submission

Card Processing Fee

Payor Fees Amount Due Upon
Any Participant Paying Building Fees Card
5% of Total
(excluding Digital Submission
& Initiation Fees)
Property Management
Property managed by:
Jordancooper 2x
All building information and documentation provided by property management.
Total Fees: 81
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