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Offering Plan

Offering Plan thru 36 Amendments - 14 Horatio Street Apartments Corp. $250.00 12/02/19


BY-LAWS - 14 Horatio Street $50.00 12/02/19

House Rules

House Rules - 14 Horatio Street Apartments Corp. Free

Building Financials

2017 - Financials - 14 Horatio Street $50.00 12/02/19
2018 - Financials - 14 Horatio Street $50.00 12/02/19

Bank Questionnaire

Century Questionnaire FAQs.pdf Free

Proprietary Lease

Proprietary Lease - 14 Horatio Street $50.00 12/02/19

Closing Information & Fees

Closing Fees (C14HoratioSt.) Free
Closing Procedures.pdf Free

Sublet Policy

Sublet Policy - 14 Horatio Street Apartments Corp. Free

Move In & Move Out Rules Elevator Modernization 2019

Move-In & Move-Out Rules - Elevator Modernization 2019 Free
Building Policies

General Policies

Pets Allowed Pets are permitted upon Board Approval. All dogs must be interviewed.
Guarantors Allowed Permitted on a case by case basis
Subletting Allowed Shareholder(s) must reside in the building for at least one (1) year prior to applying for a sublet. Must request written authorization from the Board. One (1) year lease term. Shareholders are permitted to sublet no more than three (3) years in any five (5) year period. Effective June 1st, 2019 subtenants will be allowed to have a dog in the apartment.
Pied-a-terre Allowed

Financing Policies

Max Financing Allowed as % 80% of purchase price

Additional Building Information

Effective Immediately: A complete application package must be submitted electronically. Use the link above to apply online.

Notice to Brokers: Management strongly advises a Broker start the online process. Once you begin the application, you will have the ability to invite applicants and unit owners to the online application.  Please refer all communications concerning real estate transactions to the Transfer Agent rather than the Board of Directors.

Interviews and when to submit your application: Interviews for this building take place the 4th Thursday of every month, and all completed applications have to be submitted online 3 weeks prior to that date, which is the cut off.

Notice to Owners: If you or the applicant do not have a broker, please have the applicant start the application process.

Applications: In the event an application (sale or sublease) is denied, there is no reconsideration.

Interview: All prospective buyer(s), occupant(s) and guarantor(s) must be available to interview. All dogs must be interviewed.

Sublet Renewals:

  1. Sublet renewals are subject to approval by the Board.
  2. To renew lease to current tenant, shareholder must contact management no less than sixty (60) days prior to the expiration of current lease, for renewal procedures and any additional fees.
  3. Prior to the lease expiration date, shareholder must notify the Board in writing of tenant vacating premises.

Board Meetings:

  1. Board meets on the fourth Thursday of each month.  November 2019 and December 2019 the board will meet the third Thursday of the month.
  2. All applications must be received no later than three (3) weeks prior to the meeting date.
  3. Meeting dates are subject to change.

Trusts, LLC and Transfer purchases are not permitted.


Special Amenities

Electronic Entry
Building Fees

Co-Op Sale

Payor Building Fees Amount Due Upon
Buyer Consumer Credit Report Fee $100.00 per person Submission
Buyer Management Administration Fee for Purchase of Shares $450 Submission
Buyer Move-In Deposit $500 Submission
Buyer Move-In Fee $500 Submission
Seller Move-out Deposit $500 Submission
Seller Move-out Fee $500 Submission
Buyer Other Fees Download "Closing Fees" Document Closing
Seller Disbursement Fee $50 Closing
Seller Other Fees Download "Closing Fees" Document Closing

Co-Op Sublet

Payor Building Fees Amount Due Upon
Shareholder Move-out Deposit $500 Submission
Shareholder Move-out Fee $500 Submission
Subtenant Consumer Credit Report Fee $100.00 per person Submission
Subtenant Management Administration Fee $450 Submission
Subtenant Move-In Deposit $500 Submission
Subtenant Move-In Fee $500 Submission
Shareholder Sublet Security Deposit 1 Month Maintenance Upon Approval
Shareholder Annual Sublet Fee $20.00 Per Share Submission


Payor Building Fees Amount Due Upon
Shareholder Disbursement Fee $50 Submission
Shareholder Refinance Processing Fee $450 Submission
BoardPackager Processing

Single Application Initiation Fee

One-time fee paid by the person who begins the application

Payor Fees Amount Due Upon
If Agent or Attorney

If Applicant or Owner

Application Participants Any Free N/A

Digital Submission Fee

Payor Type Amount Due Upon
Applicant Purchase
$45 Submission
Shareholder Refinance $45 Submission

Credit Card Processing Fee

Payor Fees Amount Due Upon
Any Participant Paying Building Fees Credit Card
5% of Total
(excluding Submission
& Initiation Fees)
Property Management
Property managed by:
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All building information and documentation provided by property management.
Total Fees: 157
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