139-15 83rd Avenue

Briarwood, NY 11435
Arlington Owner's is a 281 unit co-op located in the quiet residential area of Briarwood, Queens. It is conveniently located to shopping transportation and schools. Features 24-hour concierge and parking on premises. Also features indoor playroom, outdoor playground and sitting area, not to mention the beautifully landscaped gardens and courtyard. Apartment sizes range from one bedroom to three bedroom makes the Arlington a sought after by many.
139-15 83rd Avenue - Sale (G)
139-15 83rd Avenue - Sublease (G)
139-15 83rd Street - Renewal
139-15 83rd Avenue - Refinance (G)
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Building Financials

2016 Financial Statement - 139-15 83rd Avenue $50.00 03/01/19
2017 Financial Statement - 139-15 83rd Avenue $50.00 11/03/18
2018 Financial Statement - 139-15 83rd Avenue $50.00 08/13/19

By Laws

By-Laws - 139-15 83rd Avenue.pdf $50.00 08/02/17

Building Proprietary Lease

Proprietary Lease - 139-15 83rd Avenue.pdf $50.00 05/14/17

Building Offering Plan And Amendments

27th Amendment 139-15 83rd Avenue.pdf $50.00 04/27/17
Amendments 1-27 - 139-15 83rd Avenue.pdf $150.00 04/27/17
Offering Plan ONLY - 139-15 83rd Avenue.pdf $150.00 01/08/18
Offering Plan and Amendments 1-27 - 139-15 83rd Avenue.pdf $250.00 08/01/17
Additional Services

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Hire a Specialist
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Building Policies

General Policies

Subletting Allowed A Corporate Sublease Fee in an amount equivalent to 20% of the monthly maintenance will be billed monthly for the first two (2) years of subleasing. If the sublease is approved for a third year hardship, the sublet fee will be billed monthly in an amount equivalent to 50% of the monthly maintenance.
Building Fees

Co-Op Sale

Payor Building Fees Amount Due Upon
Buyer Application Fee $500 Submission
Buyer Corporate Application Fee $500 Submission
Buyer Credit Report Fee $75 per applicant Submission
Buyer Move In Deposit $1,000 Submission
Buyer Move In Fee $500 Submission
Seller Lead Based Paint Disclosure Fee $75 Submission
Seller Move Out Deposit $1,000 Submission
Seller Move Out Fee $500 Submission
Buyer Financing Fee $300 (if financing) Closing
Seller Capital Appreciation Fee Equivalent to three months of maintenance charges Closing
Seller Closing Fee $700 ($750 without a Broker) plus $0.05 per share Closing

Co-Op Sublet

Payor Building Fees Amount Due Upon
Shareholder Lead Based Paint Disclosure Fee $75 Submission
Shareholder Monthly Corporate Sublet Fee 20% of the Monthly Maintenance Submission
Shareholder Move Out Deposit $1,000 Submission
Shareholder Move Out Fee $500 Submission
Shareholder Sublet Processing Fee $350 Submission
Subtenant Credit Report Fee $75 per Applicant Submission
Subtenant Move In Deposit $1,000 Submission
Subtenant Move In Fee $500 Submission
Subtenant Sublet Application Fee $350 Submission


Payor Building Fees Amount Due Upon
Shareholder Credit Report Fee $75 Submission
Shareholder Processing Fee $400 Submission

Lease Renewal

Payor Building Fees Amount Due Upon
Shareholder Lease Renewal Fee $300 Submission

Single Application Initiation Fee

One-time fee paid by the person who begins the application

Payor Fees Amount Due Upon
If Agent or Attorney

If Applicant or Owner

Application Participants Any Free N/A

Digital Submission Fee

Payor Type Amount Due Upon
Applicant Purchase
$45 Complimentary
Shareholder Refinance $45 Complimentary

Card Processing Fee

Payor Fees Amount Due Upon
Any Participant Paying Building Fees Card
5% of Total
(excluding Digital Submission
& Initiation Fees)
Property Management
Property managed by:
Depm newlogo 3.20
All building information and documentation provided by property management.
Total Fees: 246
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