For Service Providers

BoardPackager seamlessly integrates service providers into the application process while allowing for effortless retrieval of all relevant building information and documentation.

Attorneys, mortgage brokers and real estate professionals are an integral part of every application.

BoardPackager was created to radically simplify and streamline the process, thanks to a secure, paperless online platform that unites all the key players.

Get Docs

Access building packages, offering plans, property financials and related documents.


Share documents and packages securely with clients and brokers, as well as with property managers, who can share with the board.

Track Progress

The activity feed illustrates the progression of applications. Easily keep tabs on the status of active applications.


No more copying. No more mailing. No more messengers. A more efficient system equals saving time and money.

Stay Secure

Log in securely from desktop or mobile device anywhere. BoardPackager features state-of-the art, bank-protocol security technology backed by Amazon Web Services. BoardPackager is committed to protecting privacy ensuring that applications are kept confidential.

Stay In-platform

All messaging and documents are kept in platform. So everything is easily accessible in one place.

Curious to learn more?

Request a free demo of the first and only paperless document management platform designed for NYC real estate professionals.

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