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Frequently Asked Questions

  • +Who can sign up for a BoardPackager account?

    Real estate agents and managing agents can sign up for BoardPackager accounts and share all information with their client(s) and the board members involved in a transaction. Applicants are invited into the system and will have their own login information.

  • +How do I access BoardPackager?

    You can access BoardPackager from any device that has an internet connection through If you are a Broker, Property Manager, or Board Member whose account is through a parent company, you should log in through your company’s unique portal. For portable devices (such as tablets and smartphones), please check with your mobile carrier as additional charges for data may apply.

  • +Is BoardPackager for Purchase or Rental Applications?

    Both! BoardPackager is for any purchase or rental application required by the board of directors/landlord co-op, condo, or rental building. Additionally, interested applicants who have not yet made an offer are able to source building documents.

  • +Can I add documents such as reference letters and tax forms to an application?

    You are able to upload any document you need to as a pdf. You are also able to digitally amend the document if you need to redact or add information to it.

  • +Can I use BoardPackager to apply to a building that is not listed on the Buildings page?

    You are able to apply to any building through BoardPackager. For buildings not yet in our system, create a custom package to work seamlessly with all deal parties.

  • +Can board packages be printed?

    Yes. An account holder can generate and print a pdf of a board package. The account holder can also share the package with a client, a listing agent, and a managing agent. Each authorized user can download the package and print a copy though there is no legal requirement to do so.

  • +How safe/secure is BoardPackager?

    BoardPackager uses AWS [Amazon Web Services] file-sharing technology, which operates with bank-protocol security. Every board package created is stored in an encrypted AWS S3 bucket on BoardPackager’s servers, with daily back ups in two distinct locations. Individual board packages are only visible to those who have created them and to those have been invited to see that package. See our Security page for more details.

  • +What is the cost of BoardPackager?

    If you are affiliated with a brokerage or property management company that has an account with BoardPackager, your subscription is covered. Independent property managers and brokers can create an account on our Registration page. It is free to create an account in BoardPackager, though there are fees associated with creating applications. Please see our Pricing page for more details.

  • +How do I purchase documents through BoardPackager?

    Users can find for documents on the building’s unique page. Use the Buildings page to search for the property in question. Within that property’s individual page, there will be a list of documents available for download along with the fees associated with each. Simply click the link and follow the instructions. BoardPackager accepts credit card and ACH payments. Once documents have been purchased, they will appear in “My Library” in the user’s account for review, download, or future reference.

  • +How much do documents cost on BoardPackager?

    Document pricing is set by individual properties. Please search for the building you’re interested in to see pricing.
    *BoardPackager also charges a small fee for processing the transaction.

  • +Can I get a refund? I accidentally downloaded the wrong document.

    For any questions regarding payments, please email your e-receipt to with the words “REFUND” or “QUESTION” in the subject line. A representative of BoardPackager will address any concerns within two business days.

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