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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can sign up for a BoardPackager account?

We are currently providing the software on an enterprise basis for property management and brokerage companies. If you are a buyer/renter (applicant), please ask your real estate agent about using BoardPackager. If you are a real estate agent or property manager, please contact to learn more about account creation.

How do I access BoardPackager?

You can access BoardPackager from any device that has an internet connection. For portable devices (such as tablets and smartphones), please check with your mobile carrier as additional charges for data may apply.

Is BoardPackager for Purchase or Rental Applications?

Both!  BoardPackager is for any purchase or rental application required by the board of directors/landlord for co-op, condo or rental buildings.  

How safe/secure is BoardPackager?

BoardPackager uses AWS [Amazon Web Services] file-sharing technology, which operates with bank-protocol security. Every board package created is stored in an encrypted AWS S3 bucket on BoardPackager’s servers, with daily back-ups in two distinct locations.

Can board packages be printed?

Yes. An account holder can generate and print a .pdf of the board package if needed.

What is the cost of BoardPackager?

As our company provides custom and unique services to both property management and brokerage clients (while also connecting all stakeholders in the transfer process) pricing to the organization is based upon the overall requirements, scale and volume. A package processing fee is a component for an applicant, but pricing is competitive.

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